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Violin and Music Sheet
We hold semi-annual music recitals and one-two summer music camps to give our students at Mansfield Music Mentors the chance to perform. Other performance opportunities may arise from time to time. We never require a student to perform.


  • 2 per year (1 Christmas recital, and 1 summer recital)

  • All students welcome to perform, but never required

  • Teachers will help students prepare for performance

  • Visit our Facebook Page and Instagram for upcoming recitals

Summer Camp

  • 1-2 camps every summer depending on enrollment

  • Camp lasts Monday-Friday with a performance on Saturday

  • Takes place at Mansfield Music Mentors

  • Camp fee applies

Group Classes

  • Piano studio class
  • Rock band class
  • and more!
  • These classes pop up periodically throughout the year. Make sure to follow us to know exactly when they are happening!
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