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Guitar Playing

Mansfield Music Mentors

Private Music Lessons

We are a family owned and operated music lessons studio located in Mansfield, Texas. We have no obligations to large companies, which means our instructors can personally create a lesson plan for your unique learning needs no matter what.

We've been mentoring musicians since 1987. Our music instructors love what they do, and would love to share the gift of music with you!

We offer some of the most affordable private music lesson prices in the DFW area.

Qualified Instructors

We have multiple music instructors on each instrument. Let us find the perfect fit for your learning style.

Call or email us any time to adjust your lesson schedule! Our staff is ready to help.

Easy Scheduling
Virtual Learning

We are now offering virtual music lesson options for all students.

The Horton Family


We are Jeh, Cogie, Simone, and Luna Horton. Come in any day we are open, and you will most likely see owner and teacher, Jeh, and studio manager and teacher, Simone. You might even see the latest Horton generation, Luna, Simone's daughter.

Music runs in our family, and we are passionate about what we do. Let us help you begin your music journey!

The Horton Family at Mansfield Music Mentors
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Schedule your first FREE assessment music lesson now!


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