Fast Forward Workshops recording studios has decided to open its doors to the general public.  The studio is capable of up to 16 inputs and an unlimited number of tracks.  With some world class outboard preamps, sonically correct microphones, tone generators, and multiple DAW recording systems, the studio is quite capable of putting together recordings that meet record industry standards.  The studio, whose rooms have been forged from the wooden construction of the late 1800’s, has been modeled and inspired to capture the raw sounds in the light of legendary studios such as Sun Studios, Stacks Studios, and other old school rooms of the day, blended with current state of the art recording equipment.

Whether you are a solo artists or a full band, we have recording packages to provide you with what you need to complete a record.  Recording packages are offered, some of which include an ensemble of some great musicians to help you complete the basic tracks for your record with the tight flavor of a live band if needed.

Book your next album project at Fast Forward Workshops Recording Studios today and shape your musical vision to reality!

Services offered:

Audio Snapshots – Bring your aspiring musician to make and “Audio Snapshot” of their accomplishments at this stage of their development.  We offer three levels of services:

Audio Snapshot – We will produce and audio recording of your child performing a song on their instrument that you can share with family and friends everywhere.   Cost: $50

Deluxe snapshot – We will add a “slide show” to the audio recording package, featuring photos provided by you of your child and photos we take of your child’s recording session to produce a YouTube ready presentation.  Cost: $100

Premium snapshot – A complete video of your child recording their song with the audio, interspersed with video clips or photos you provide, to make an incredible record of this moment in your child’s life.   Cost:  $150

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