Guess what Fast Forward Workshops is building now at Mansfield Music Mentors?

Recording Arts Workshops

Fast Forward Workshops is constructing a fully operational 16 input, 128 output recording studio to begin workshop classes on recording arts. Whether you are a novice, a young person interested in recording techniques, or a professional looking to sharpen your skills in a particular area, there will be workshops that work for you.

The skill of recording arts can be applied to many fields besides just recording music, although obviously this is what we love to do at Fast Forward Workshops. There are fields that seem to be almost invisible to many like: Industrial product design, Noise pollution control, Audio Forensics for criminal law support, Hospital design, and Hotel construction just to name a few. The skills you acquire at Fast Forward Workshops can help you to have that extra edge in penetrating these very promising and lucrative fields. Or it just could be that you are interested in recording your own music to release to the general public. Whatever your interest sound, music, and the capture of it we can help!

Recording guru James DuMaine who has recorded with some of the top names in the record industry, has created a signature series of series of recording and production workshops designed to put you on top of your game in the field of audio recording. James has been in the music business for over twenty years and has written courses for some of the best recording arts schools in the area.

You will be learning on some of the most effective recording equipment you can get your hands on.  And better yet, you will be able to own some of it.

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