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DJ Turntablism/ Electronic Dance Music Production

(PRICING) The Perfect Gift is Lessons Plus Gear !

headphonesDrone Bronze Package $999 
5 Weeks
Twice a week
2 Hours
The Bronze (Basic) package is for attendees who wish to learn general setup information for live DJing. Attendees go to workshops at Mansfield Music Mentors.  Attend one of our Free Clinics and receive a $204 discount off of the Bronze Package.
Red wave DroneRp6 Mixtrack Pro 2 Serato Silver Package $2399 
8 weeks
2 Twice a week2 Hours
Music kit (NuMark Mixtrack Pro II DJ controller, KRK RPG5 speakers , Serato DJ Software )
The Silver option is for attendees who wish learn the dynamic skills of being a performing DJ while acquiring enough tools and equipment to do simple jobs. This is a good way for those who aspire to do live DJing to find out if this is a good career fit. Attendees can upgrade to the Gold or Platinum level if they choose.


Rp8 DroneSerato Red wave DR Pro monitor stands Mixtrack Pro 2 Gold Package $3199 
8 workshops
Twice a week
3 Hours
Music kit (Pioneer DDJ SR DJ controller, KRK RPG8 speakers , Serato DJ Software, DR Pro Studio Monitor Stands, Red Wave Headphones, FFW Sample Packs)The Gold package enables attendees to attend our basic class and graduate to our advanced class and you get this gear.  See on left.


Go Pro Hero 4' Drone TS118 TS115 Red wave Proline speaker stands Ableton Live 9 DDJ SR Komplete 9 Serato Platinum Package $4399 
12 Weeks Includes Electronic Dance Music Production Workshop
Music kit (Traktor Kontrol S2 mkII DJ controller, Alto TS115a speakers ,Alto TS118 Sub,Traktor DJ Software, Red WaveHeadphones, FFW Sample Packs, Native Instruments Komplete 10, Ableton Live 9 standard )  You can see why we call it Platinum.


The Platinum package is for attendees who wish to experience the entire spectrum of Live DJ production including sound design. The class is extended for 4 weeks to include Electronic Dance Music Production techniques. Also attendees get the full experience of live DJ performing in a professional venue in addition to receiving a huge amount of equipment enough to facilitate an entire DJ production center! See you there!

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