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At 10 years old, DJ Tyme selected music for a party for the first time and became infatuated with DJing from that moment on. He grew up watching Mix Master Mike and DJ AM on MTV and had even begun scratching on an old plastic toy record player he found in his grandparents basement.

At 12 years of age, he stumbled onto his first rave in a park. Although he did not know what was happening, he got on stage anyway and witnessed first hand the power that dance music had on large groups of people.

By the time he was in high school, he was making all sorts of different genre mix tapes for his friends.

When he turned 18, he started going to clubs and became obsessed with the dance music movement. Upon making it into college, DJ Tyme bought his first DJ setup and started playing small parties for friends on the weekends. After about a year or so of doing these parties, he was hired by a DJ company who catered to many different types of events ranging from weddings to retail store openings.

A short while later, he landed a job in a small record store in Deep Ellum that catered specifically to the dance music community. This is where he learned the true art form of DJing, along with the art of crate digging. In his free time there, he would listen to stacks of records taller than himself for hours at a time. “I was able to truly appreciate the evolution of music.”

After his time there, it was only a few months before he was on his own booking shows at different bars and clubs around the DFW area. “After about a year of picking up gigs, I was invited to play at the largest dance music club in Dallas, the Lizard Lounge. It had been a dream of mine to play at this venue since the first time I stepped foot inside.” After successfully rocking shows there, he knew that he wanted to play larger shows, which sparked his interest in music production. Having a really good ear for sweet tones and melodies, he was able to start making tracks.

After 2 years of learning the art of production with a colleague, they were signed to a small label out of Indianapolis. “Our first EP yielded us a spot on Beatport’s top 100 electronica section and top spot on the labels catalog.”

From there we managed to start playing bigger shows and even playing music conference shows during SXSW.”

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