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Fast Forward Workshop focuses on providing apprenticeship training to individuals whom desire to work in many different fields. Our company provides apprenticeship education in entertainment, sound engineering, and recording studio construction to ages 14-34 in the community. Our goals are make sound design and engineering a desired future occupation, assist our clients in gaining hands-on experience and training, and develop relationships with strategic partners to benefit our community.

The Fast Forward Workshops model is one unique educational training structure in our societyin that it not only provides you. Finally, a training facility that practically guarantees a job or business in sound engineering by the end of the program! We have begun in the music industry. Within three years we will move into a more diversified group of markets. The model works independent of the market! With that being said, we have started with:


DJ/Electronic Dance Music Live Performance Mansfield Music Mentors Feb 13,2015
Live Sound Reinforcement Mansfield Music Mentors TBA
Recording Studio Building and Design Mansfield Music Mentors TBA
Running Your Own Independent Record Label Mansfield Music Mentors TBA
Guitar Building/Luthere Training TBD TBA
Sound Engineering and Recording Arts Mansfield Music Mentors TBA
Genre Specific Music Production Mansfield Music Mentors TBA
EFG (Electronic Field Gathering) Production TBD TBA
Photography for Smart People TBD TBA
Film Scoring Mansfield Music Mentors TBA

Phone: 972-745-3369











Video game sound design.

The following pages describe the first set of workshops: DJ Turntablism/Electronic Dance Music Production. Sign up today and receive our newsletter and updates on our free seminars, new workshops, and new information about us and the m

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